Banarasi sarees have been famous throughout India for their grace and beauty. These sarees made of silk and gold/silver zari work are known to win the hearts of the masses all across the country. In fact, these sarees have been highly coveted all over India for centuries. Traditionally speaking, these sarees have been a part of the bridal attire for ages. Either a new bride gets married in a beautifully crafted silk saree from Banaras or she wears one for her reception or other ceremonies before or after her wedding. That being said, these sarees from Banaras have also been developed with time. Now, these sarees are not just available in silk, but in other silk-based fabrics too such as cotton silk. So, if you have sensitive skin that needs to breathe, then you can opt for a cotton silk saree instead of a pure silk saree. These sarees can also be worn for other special occasions too. The design of your saree and the formality of the event dictate your clothing choices. So, if you plan on buying such a saree for yourself, you don’t have to go to Banaras. You can find a range of Banarasi sarees online on shopping sites such as rawaazfashiom, which host brands such as Vaidehi Fashions, Samah, Satyam Weaves and more. The information you are reading has been last updated on 19-May-22.